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Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.

Maya Angelou

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Build your Voice of Influence

Build your Voice of Influence

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Make your unique mark

Raise your professional profile

Open up new careeer opportunities

Inspire. Persuade. Compel.

Inspire. Persuade. Compel.

What is Voice Function Training?

We all experience limitations or issues in our voice in one way or another, mostly because of our speaking habits, shaped largely by our environment, upbringing, experiences (good and bad) our physical make up and belief in ourself.

Voice function training is designed to cut through aspects of your speaking habits that hinder easy, powerful and reliable voice production, and involves the re-coordination of the mechanics of your voice through sound, giving you the ability to communicate with more influence and authenticity.

Most voices are like a faded photograph, where the colours and detail aren’t vivid or clear - learning to use your voice to its fullest potential will bring those colours and details into focus, better equipped to convey your message and your heart.

Quotation Mark

Who would have thought that training the voice could be a useful skill to have at work - to give a presentation or successfully nail an interview.

My confidence has grown and I feel far more comfortable talking to large groups without the fear that my voice will give out, or that I will not be heard clearly at the back of the room.

Thanks Rachel!

Laurie Bell

PA, Team Administrator & Trainer, Public Speaker (Author)

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Having trained my whole life with various vocal coaches and institutions, my voice has never before responded or improved in the way that it has with Rachel.

Rachel actually listens to your voice in very fine detail and uses very specific techniques to unlock areas in which I never thought possible, providing tools to make it easy!

Mitchell Groves

Theatre Performer

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Most popular!!

How to work with me

1:1 Training

  • In person or online via Zoom
  • Training designed specifically for your Voice Type
  • Different options and packages available

Great if you’re wanting a full voice transformation

Learn by yourself

6-week Masterclass

  • Online via Zoom
  • Group setting - max 8 people
  • Includes 1:1 training

Great if you’re wanting to build your confidence speaking in front of others


  • On site anywhere in Australia or online via Zoom
  • Different types of workshops to suit your team’s needs
  • Can add 1:1 training on site

Great for teams needing to elevate their impact

Learn in a group

Learn with your team

About Rachel Pietsch

For the past 30 years Rachel has helped hundreds of people find their true voice, for both singers and speakers.

Rachel has completed a Bachelor of Education at The University of Melbourne, and is an accredited Advanced Voice Teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement.

She has worked with many kinds of voices, including professional singers, actors, musical theatre performers, recording artists, tribute artists, songwriters, public speakers, authors, podcasters, journalists, corporates, and rehabilitation.

Rachel specialises in voice function, which helps her clients engage their voice most effectively, with ease, power and longevity.

My Values

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It’s all about you

I will always put you and your needs first, we work at your pace

You are unique in what you bring to the world, my job is to help you optimise that


You will benefit from a completely bespoke experience, not a one-size-fits-all approach



The process is very practical, designed to keep you moving forward at all times


I am highly trained in what I do, based on the latest research in vocal science

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