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This proved to be one of the most useful PD sessions I have ever participated in during my teaching career! As teachers, our voices are one of our biggest assets, so learning how to harness my vocal potential and learn self-care strategies has been critical to my longevity in this profession. Could not recommend more highly!

Bonnie Lee

Manager - Schools and Community, Family Planning Victoria

Quotation Mark

It was so interesting learning about my own voice (it was honestly really insightful!) and l've now got some great exercises to make it stronger. Totally recommend reaching out to Rachel if you do any type of speaking in your day!

Cherry Wills

CEO Australia and New Zealand at Metabolic Balance

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The sound of your voice matters twice as much as the content of your message

Fact: your listeners are tuning in to the sound of your voice before they are taking in what you are saying.

Does your voice keep your audience engaged?

Does your voice keep your audience engaged?

Is it clear and confident, and interesting to listen to?

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Did you know?

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Around 1.24 million Australian adults will develop voice issues.*

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Up to 60% of occupational voice users such as speakers, teachers, sellers, broadcasters and telemarketers will experience a voice problem at least once during their career.*

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Women are more likely to develop voice issues than men.

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We often take our voice for granted until a problem occurs or when we have to speak in front of people.

*Speech Pathology Australia

What can be done about it?

The majority of voice issues are preventable if there is access to information about voice care, hygiene and correct vocal technique.

Voice function training will help your voice to:

  • function better
  • develop effective projection
  • last the distance

There is help! Consider voice training as your first line of defence, your opportunity to learn how to prevent voice issues from arising, and develop your voice of influence.

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